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Who We Are - NAI Isaac Commercial Properties. is a Lexington, Kentucky-based company specializing in the leasing, sale and management of commercial real estate in the Commonwealth of Kentucky with over 9 million square feet of retail, office and industrial properties exclusively listed.

Moving in or around the Lexington, KY, Bluegrass Area? Are you searching for an apartment, duplex or house for rent in Lexington, KY? Let our FREE locator service aid you find you new rental home or apartment in Lexington, KY or the surrounding area. Our FREE apartment and rental home locating service makes the the move easier for you by delivering several options and services which make your search

We Offer A Wide Variety of Amenities from Swimming Pools to Washers and Dryers! As one of the biggest real estate holding firms in Kentucky, Rednour Properties supplies 100's of individuals and families in Southern, Central, and Eastern Kentucky with safe affordable quality housing.

Every home we represent has been personally inspected by our team and is guaranteed to understand the highest levels. Our team is available before, during and after the rental period to assist you reach the perfect Louisville experience. Browse our available homes for the house, loft, condo or country estate that finest suits your requirements.

We are providing FREE property listings in Kentucky with no membership or listing fees. Visit our store for custom signs, photo, and virtual tour packages! For renters: Using our Rental Property Classifieds, you have all the correct tools to find a property. Add a virtual tour and professional photos to your listing in the Kentuckiana area!

Thank you for your interest in Bill Stout Properties, Louisville's leader in Real Estate Management Services. Our commitment to delivering professional service is a commitment to you and your investment. Bill Stout is Certified by the Institute of Real Estate Management of the National Board of Realtors, past President of the Kentucky Chapter, and honored with the Distinguished Property Manager of

First or second Homes Residential, Vacation, Lots, Acreage or Maintenance Free Living We have over three decades knowledge in SALES AND RENTAL of properties on Beautiful Lake Cumberland at WOODSON BEND RESORT AND THE VILLA'S OF WOODSON BEND; two of the areas finest kept secrets Let us aid you unlock that special Front Door.

Using the Internet to more effectively post available information, answer questions and hopefully make more time available for everyone to enjoy life. All landlords are invited to submit domestic or commercial rental information, Along with exterior & interior property descriptions, and applications.