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Established in 1993 by Richard O. Haase and Stuart I. Smith to supply the real estate community with quality, comprehensive valuation and analytic services at a senior level of proficiency. Our customers include personal investors, banks, REITS, pension funds, public housing agencies, municipalities and the Federal government.

The Jason Corporation teams with investors to identify opportunities for profitable real estate acquisitions. We have the skills and the community respect required to raise money and create partnerships. We have experience carrying projects from development and construction through leasing and management.

Currently, our corporate office team consists of a experienced and dedicated team of corporate officers, domestic and commercial property managers, accounting department, and support team. Furthermore, we indirectly employ approximately 200 individuals at the various properties. These include community managers, building engineers, maintenance, porters, and concierge team.

Annual Summer Youth Employment Program Conclusion This is the 17th year that William C. Smith + Co. has sponsored a summer employment program for the youth residents of our communities. Young women and men are hired Read more. Ritz joined William C. Smith in 1975 and has served as President and COO since 1987. William C. Smith + Co. is a Washington, DC - based multidisciplinary real estate company.