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The best thing about Breckenridge Lodging is that they find out what you are looking for first. Then they presented us with about 3 options and each one of them was perfect so the hardest part was deciding and that's when they basically took lead and made their top pick and we went with it.

WOW! What a great time we had at this home. It was immaculate, perfectly located with a beautiful view and MORE than we were hoping for! We plan to make another trip to this beautiful part of the country next year and we plan to book for a full week stay. Can't wait!

I have been staying at the beach house for 5 years now and wouldn't consider staying anywhere else. Did that on my first trip to the Oregon coast and the house was dirty, not equipped with things needed to cook and not easy to get to the beach at all. I feel totally like I have arrived home

I have already written a review on Trip Advisor for this home because i loved it so much when we were here a few weeks ago. I really appreciate honest reviews when i am looking online for places to stay because i am particular and have been burned before. I once booked a nice home to fly

Great place if you enjoy living in a house built more than 100 years ago. Leaks, mold and noise from other units are part of the package. Be prepared to be hot in the summer and cold in the winter as the only climate control is for the building is inside one of the tenants apartments. Most

We rented a home with this Real Estate Agent back in 2011. 1825 Lawnwood Dr. Hinesville Ga 31313. We cleared our name and moved out. I have just been informed recently that there is a $243 collection against me. Why haven't I've been informed about this at the time of my moving out? I am disputing

PCH Property Management is a great company. They are very thorough in the screening of there tenants, they keep on top of the utilities paid back to the owners, and they respond to the owners quickly and cost effectively. They do not charge a fee on top of the vendor cost. They are the

Cornerstone has managed my property for many years. I have always been very pleased with their services. Good communication. Good value. Easy to understand statements. I know it's not an easy job. Thank you for always being there.

This real estate place is hell on earth. When my roommates and I first moved into our apartment, every possible thing was wrong with it. There were stains all over the floor, things were falling off the wall, the washer and dryer were broken, there were holes in the walls, the screens were

I have loved living here. I lived here all threw school and love it. I would highly recommend renting from them

We subleased an apartment at Capitol Centre last summer, and it was wonderful. A great location, with a food store right across the street and bus lines connecting with all points in the city within a block's walk. Good place, good value.

Small with drafty windows but the price is right 500 monthly

I really liked the apartment. The neighbors were very nice and respectful. The facilities were very well maintained. I like that they paid for the heating and water.

I stayed at a Lexington at Market Square corporate apartment provided by Oakwood and was extremely disappointed by the service I received from the Lexington, and by the provider of the corporate apartment, Oakwood. I arrived on May 24th and noticed several things wrong with the apartment. A

The Botelho was great. They are very professional and personal, that made the sale of my home a very good experience. I would highly recommend them to every one. The Botelho team also has there own web site to speed the sale of your home.

While they're a little pricey, they are one of the top apartment communities in OKC. Managment and maintence was always more than willing to help you. I give them 100 stars.

I am recommending them now to another apartment owner. HFO offers very good value - they are very professional with thorough, timely service.

They worked hard and made sure it was the way i wanted it when they left. they come every other week faithfully! very affordable.

I have been a tenant of OGM for 1 year. I have been in touch with the office staff numerous times and have found them to be courteous, personable and professional. they respond to my needs in exactly the way it was outlined to me when I signed my lease. Initially that seemed somewhat intimidating

Hello my name is Elizabeth I wanted to tell you a little about my stay at condo court. To begin with, I loved it. Very quiet, very clean, way better than a hotel and better price as well. They all have washer, dryer, cable, full refrigerator, a table, microwave, a bed and the one i stayed in

Worst place I have ever lived in my life. Getting something repaired was close to impossible. The grounds were littered daily by beer cans, chicken bones, liquor bottles, etc. The worst part is the management. I've seen animals that were more organized than these idiots. Losing checks, claiming

Terrible landlords. dont ever rent without reading their contract. and even then do not rent with them. They will keep all your deposit and then try and get more from oyu. Glad i found out about them before my mom almost rented from them!

I am in the navy and lived there for a little while. Most of the people who live there are retired, so it's older people. The Lake is not cleaned up though, it always has lots of trash in it. You do hear everything your neighbors do, from running water, etc.

I've lived here for almost a year and LOVE my apartment. They are spacious and quiet. The managers are friendly and always willing to lend a helping hand. I couldn't be happier.

They were unable to find apartments that fitted my needs, and only have listings of apartment complexes. I was sent to an apartment complex after an Agent at Relocation Central had talked with one of the leasing agents to get me a deal. Once we got there, the leasing agent tried to talk us

There is one thing that yu can count on here is when something needs to be fixed, you can rely on the maintance to get to it. As for car theft, apparently they are happening at all the complexes.

Pros: Decent size place, nice property (with pond and park), good amenities like pool and fitness center, reasonable rent rates, easy access to bus lines and freeway, very accommodating staff Cons: Some bad neighbors (what do you expect? it's student housing), not very close to shops or campus

I love living at Gateway, which is owned by Bowman along with several other high rises. They are excellent!

As an experienced investor, I highly recommend 5 Diamond. They rented my property in a matter of days. It was fast, simple and professional.

Perry Deschamps is a very helpful and resourceful realtor that helped us through the complete process of buying our new home. He worked diligently on finding just the right house we were looking for and took excellent care of us with each step of the process. If you are looking into doing anything

SOLD! Did you hear me? SOLD! This guy SOLD my home in 45 days and closed on a loan in 20 days. Wow. THE EXPERT IN SHORT SALES/ROE's Field. =)

Eileen is an excellent realtor. She has knowledge of the market and a true go getter who looks out for the best interest of her client. I would receommend her to anyone looking for an honest real estate agent

The maintenance reapairs are great no doubt about that. But it seems like now they stopped doing credit checks and anyone can now move in here as before you used to have to atleast be semi-responsible. People that live here (some of them) are rude. They drive in and out of the complex like

This is a great site if you like to look at apartments online that aren't just in an apartment building. There are houses for rent, and other apartments that would work for students, and anyone looking for an apartment in Buffalo. There are apartments in the suburbs too.

I moved in a few months ago and have had numerous problems with the apartment. at first they were responsive, but now they rarely call me back. the apartment itself is cool, but with all the problems it's starting to be not worth it. some preventative maintenance would help a lot here. i know

Staff is well trained and the property manager has 23 years of experience.

Trains keep you up. Management doesn't do anything about noisy neighbors. STAY AWAY! They charged $150.00 for taking out three bags left behind to go to goodwill.

This hotel is a co-op, so there are residents in some rooms. It's at the Diamond Head end of the main Waikiki strip, so that was great. The place is kind of creepy at first, but you get used to it. Not much parking. While it wasn't a bad place, next time I will pay more for a nicer hotel.

Excellent service. I felt completely comfortable in allowing Vicky to manage my portfolio of properties.

Great location on the South Side. Nice complex, decent rent prices. Friendly Staff, Safe Neighborhood

These guys are awesome. Their apartments are great for the price. If you ever have a maintenance issue their people getting taken care of asap. I've lived at apartments managed by other companies in Owensboro and these guys are way better!

They refused to fix my heater, did not bother to clear parking lot of snow and talked down to me.

The staff has been great to me, very fast to respond to problems and fix problems with the apartment. It is kind of high priced for the apartments being as small as they are, but its a place to live. Overall its not too bad

I liked that apartments, because it was a place I called home. Although we all were renters, we are now in an unfamilar surrounding. Forest Park was the BEST looking and well kept apartments in the Algiers area. Can wait until they open back up, so I can come back home.

New management, things have really taken a turn in the right direction! The new property manager is very friendly and helpful

Great location, great apartments, great price.but they operate with a very aggressive business attitude. If you make one little mistake, break a rule, or are one day late with your rent, they will not hesitate to fine you or make a mark on your file. You may even get an eviction notice taped

You can't blame me for being totally blown away by the look, feel and user-friendlinest of this site! You can go to it for anything relating to real estate sales or rentals in the greater Boston area. The links refer to all kinds of pertinent info about moving to, or living in the city. Keep

Pricey but really nice. It doesnt feel like an apt. It feels like a home. we decided to pay the extra because the staff was so kind.

Having worked with the DeAugustines of P & H Reality as a resident and as an independent contractor, I have found them to be professionals on every level, with out the coldness of the large organizations. They truly care about their clients and their clients properties, as well the tenants

Once you get past the people in the office. The apartments are nice and quiet! A great place for kids